SCALIGERA – 2h Running Tour

Extended 2h running tour Verona

The ultimate running tour in Verona. Get a comprehensive overview of the city from any side in a 2-hours extended running tour.   BOOK NOW You like running even on vacations and you want to view the most you can…


TERRACES Running Tour

Terraces runnning tour

Run from the city centre up to the hills surrounding Verona and get a wonderful view from the terraces on the whole city and its icons.   BOOK NOW See Verona from its best point of view: the wonderful terraces…


ARENA Running Tour

Arena running tour

Run by the icons and the top spots like the Arena in the beautiful historical centre of Verona and discover its real essence.   BOOK NOW The Arena running tour will lead you around the historical city centre of Verona,…


WALLS Running Tour

Verona Walls running tour

Get inside 2.000 years of history in Verona running on and along the Roman, Medieval and Austrian-domination walls.   BOOK NOW Run by and along the walls surrounding Verona, run through the history to see and learn about the development…


SESTIERI – 2 h Running Tour

Sestieri 2h running tour

Run along all the six sestieri (districts) of Venice to get the most complete overview of the city.   BOOK NOW The six districts running tour mixes the best of all our running tours to let you sightsee iconic spots…



Top Venice Running Tour

Sightsee all top spots of Venice in a fully customized running tour designed on your preferences.   BOOK NOW Top Venice is the fully customised running tour of Venice: each time a brand new course designed by your guide to…


Trail Running

Trali Running in Venetian islands

Trail Running in Venice: discover the history and the wonderful natural environment of the lagoon and its islands.   ON REQUEST Take a trail running tour to visit different landscapes and learn more about the lagoon and Venetian history. The…


Venetian Duathlon

Venetian Duathlon

Running + Rowing. Discover Venice through a new perspective: take a running tour and experience a wonderful 2 hours Venetian rowing lesson. ON REQUEST We offer you a unique way to live and sightseeing Venice: running along its wonderful calli…



Venetian Biathlon Tour

Running + Kayaking. Venice tours from land and water: running and paddling in Venice, the ultimate active tourism experience! BOOK NOW Venice is a unique city and to appreciate more its distinctiveness we have designed this brand new sightseeing tour:…


ARSENALE Running Tour

Arsenale running tour in Venice

Discover the Venetian maritime tradition running through the charm of the ancient Arsenale shipyards and the wide banks departing from St. Mark Square.   BOOK NOW Arsenale running tour will let you discover the other Venice, the one that set…