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Corporate and Incentive active tours in Venice. You just have to decide when to do them, we will organize all the rest.


MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Corporate, Exhibitions) events planners now have a new opportunity for their activities in Venice: running tours, orienteering, running & walking treasure hunts and much more.

We will specifically design all the activities and courses to match your contents and expectations. Sport and culture is a great combine in Venice, granting the participants to get the best from the city even in lacking time conditions typical of work-meeting days.

Our guides will meet your runners at the meeting facility or any other convenient place and guide them on a run designed for them in terms of distance, course and focused on specific topics (architecture, medicine, Venetian life, sustainability and more).


It does not matter if you are hosting a meeting in the mainland or in the city center, plan one of our tours in Venice to strenghten the relationships between your work teams thanks to the combination of sport and sightseeing. It gives your participants a chance to exercise, network informally and experience Venice in an active and sustainable way.

Meeting organizers

Add guided wake-up running tours and multiactivities experiences in Venice and its lagoon to your schedule to offer your attendants a great experience coherent with your contents.  All customized on your needs.

Main benefits

  • A chance to experience Venice
  • A healthy and sustainable activity
  • Team building activity
  • Informal networking opportunity

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