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Arena running tourNew running tours in Romeo and Juliet’s city! Get the best with our brand new exciting tours in Verona.


Venice and Verona, two beautiful cities of  the Veneto region, linked together by history and now by the same way of visiting them: by run! Starting from 26th April 2016 we are going to offer new brand running tours in Verona, the worlwide famous city of the Arena and of Romeo and Juliet’s balcony.

4 running tours have been designed to let you discover more than Shakespeare’s famous spot, starting from the ancient Roman ruins spread all over the city centre, passing through Middle Age and the dominations succceded through Renaissance time up to the 19th century Austrian domination.

Your guides will lead you around a tour in the history of Verona passing through the last 2000 years development of the city and get you on higher spots to fully appreciate the beauty ov Verona from the top. The tours differ one from the other by topic, duration and physical commitment to really get the most from the city.

Arena tour is a 1-hour classic tour of the city centre during which you will run by the main icons of Verona for a great first introduction to the city.

Walls tour is designed around the different ages of development of the defense system surrounding the city centre: Roman, Scaligere and Venetian, Austrian walls. 1.5 hours running on the bastions, crossing the city centre and the Adige river flowing into the city.

Terraces tour: a 1.5-hours running tour with a moderate total ascent that will repay you with a nice view of Verona from of its surrounding hills.

Finally, for the most “tough” runners, we designed the Extended tour, a 2-hours running tour to deliver you a comprehensive overview of Verona from any side of it.

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So guys, keep on running!


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