Local races – Venice Urban Night Trail 16K

1VNT_DATA_VIOLA_lettering_BIANCO_ARGENTOThe first urban trail organized by Venice Marathon in the mood of our running tours.

Run in the night and circumnavigate the whole Venice island.


Run by night for 16K through streets and squares, up and down for 51 bridges, to discover the mystery and the great wonders of the unique Venetian town center.

The event is part of the Venice Running Days (23rd and 24th of April 2016) and will take place on Saturday evening, just before the well known event which will be held on Sunday in San Giuliano Park. On Sunday will take place the non-competitive run, the Panoramica, with its three different distance courses (5K / 11K / 18K).

What: competitive road race and non competitive road run

When: 23rd April 2016, 09:00 PM – meeting point starting from 7:45 AM

Where: San Basilio – Venice

Services: refreshment stations, pre and post transport race services, showers.

For more info visit Venice Urban Night Trail website.

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