Y.O.L.O. Nathan solo traveller

Another solo traveller meets Venice by Run

It seems to be a recurrent thing by now, meeting people that want to travel by theirselves leaded only by a passion: sport. A couple of months after meeting Andy a.k.a The Light Runner – started from Sydney to spend 9 weeks running across Europe with nothing but a trail running racing gear and light backpack – Venice by Run on 8th October 2015 got in touch with another solo traveller: Nathan, or  better ‘YOLO Nathan‘ as his nickname on socials is to remind himself that “You Only Live Once Nathan”.

The challenge for yolonath is to cover the journey from London to Athens by bicycle having nice experiences during it. He is not a cyclist and his bike is not that kind of wonderful light and technological ones that you can see in top bike shops, but is a simple £100 bicycle: again to remind something himself (and all the people) that what is mainly needed is the will to challenge. And sport totally fits this way of thinking. YOLO Nathan’s plan is – actually in these he differs from The Light Runner that had few plans, sometimes too less! 😉 – to cycle about 80 miles per day, with quick stops to rest and do that kind of things that all the people do when they want to relax: watch below his Swiss rest.

So, while passing by Venice YOLO Nathan decided to stop one more day to rest a bit and relax his muscles, but not too much: he was “looking to do something more exciting than a walking tour”, as he wrote on his message to contact us, and we definitely were in it. We went for a 12 km early morning crowd-free run to show him the best of Venice and letting him know more about our unique city.

Have a nice rest of journey YOLO Nathan, we really enjoyed to run and chat together, linked by our common passion for sport and sightseeing.

Follow him on yolonathan.com and youtube.

P.S.: We will be sure that you arrive in Athens when you post a photo in front of the Parthenon wearing your brand new Venice by Run singlet!

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